• Petroleum industry

    Your tomorrow is our mission

  • From fuels and lubricants to asphalt, bitumen, plastics, and polymers – petroleum products are essential throughout the world. Anton Paar has been offering outstanding analytical solutions to companies in this industry for decades. The acquisition of Petrotest in 2012 expanded our portfolio even further. We now have a wide range of instruments to support you in increasing your efficiency and lowering waste across all upstream, midstream, and downstream activities. 


  • As your reliable partner for the measurement and analysis of petroleum products, Anton Paar contributes to:

    Increasing your efficiency with automated solutions, devices needing no or minimal maintenance, and understandable measuring routines which require operators to have only basic training. 

    Reducing waste and environmental impact by offering solutions that require little sample, solvent, and energy. Fast measurements enable you to react quickly to avoid wasting precious resources.

    Safety at work with high-quality, Ex-certified instruments and in-built safety features with well-considered design and construction.  

    Instruments for pioneering research to meet the requirements of tomorrow, whether this is green technology, higher levels of automation, or solutions for the new or changed standards you need to follow.

    Correct decisions based on accurate and reliable results, which bring you the most benefit when refining, blending, and trading petroleum goods.

    Developing new ideas – Anton Paar teams up with customers and continually invests 20 % of its annual turnover in R&D in order to provide measuring solutions addressing your challenges. 

  • 3-year warranty

    • Effective January 1, 2020, all new Anton Paar instruments* include repair for 3 years.
    • Customers avoid unforeseen costs and can always rely on their instrument.
    • Alongside the warranty there is a wide range of additional services and maintenance options available.

    * Due to the technology they use, some instruments require maintenance according to a maintenance schedule. Complying with the maintenance schedule is a prerequisite for the 3-year warranty.

    Learn more about all service and support activities Learn more about full traceability with ISO 17025

    • Peak performance whatever your business: Across the whole value chain in the petroleum industry – from the warehouse, process control, and quality control lab to storage locations and distribution hubs – Anton Paar service guarantees minimum downtime and the lowest costs of ownership for all portable, laboratory, and process instruments. Benefit from individual service packages to meet your needs (e.g. calibrations and repair coverage) and limit your service spending to meet your budget.

      Experts right by your side: Besides excellent knowledge of our instruments and how to ideally integrate them into your workflow, Anton Paar’s certified service engineers and trained technical experts know the petroleum industry well. We are your reliable partner, now and in the future.

    • Always ready to help you: We know you aim for the highest productivity at all times but unexpected errors sometimes occur in the most inconvenient situations. Within 24 hours, Anton Paar provides a response to your inquiry to keep the potential negative impact on your business to an absolute minimum. A 3-year warranty on all new Anton Paar instruments helps you avoid unforeseen costs, so you can always rely on your equipment.

      Supporting you wherever you are: Our global service network spans 86 locations with a total of 350 certified service engineers. Wherever your up-, mid-, and downstream operations are located, there is always an Anton Paar service engineer nearby.

  • Our customers and partners

    We are proud to work with these and many other companies:

    Anton Paar instruments are super-super-user friendly, with just a few buttons. You can set up and adjust the methods very easily.

    - Petr Vozka, Assistant Professor in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department at California State University, Los Angeles

    With us, it’s really all about time. We save so much time when we use Anton Paar’s measuring method.

    - Stephan Bischoff, Head of Quality Control Laboratory, HOLBORN Europa Raffinerie, Hamburg, Germany

    Sometimes it’s very hard to find machines for the heavy parts of the oil, so it was good to see that Anton Paar has the density meter, because I don’t think it would be an alternative for us to measure the density with the pycnometer.

    - Dr. Tobias Wagner, Head of Quality Control Laboratory, H&R Group, Hamburg, Germany

    We chose Anton Paar products, especially Diana 700, due to the number of distillations the laboratory has to run, which is 30 to 40 daily. Having a reliable, robust, and fast instrument was crucial.

    - Riccardo Trovato, Senior Advisor at AmSpec Italia, Sicily, Italy

    We chose an Anton Paar instrument for several reasons: one is the reliability, the second one is the service that Anton Paar is giving to us, providing support before and after installation of the equipment, and the most important characteristic that we liked: with this kind of viscometer we can perform a test starting from -60 °C up to 135 °C.

    - Francesco Bellino, Motorsports Laboratory Specialist at Petronas Lubricants International, Santena, Italy

    We do everything here at the plant. Used oil is rerefined to make base oil and the base oil is then mixed with the appropriate additives to become engine oils, hydraulic oils, gear oils, and industrial lubricants.

    - Dr. Jan Otto, Avista Oil, Dollbergen, Germany