Automation at its cutting edge: Anton Paar’s capabilities in lab automation and rheology


Anton Paar offers a wide range of tailor made laboratory automation.

Rheology and further analytics from Anton Paar e.g. visco, density, refractometer, particle characteriziation can be automated. Also instruments by 3rd party suppliers can be integrated (pH, titration, etc.). Laboratory automation from Anton Paar is not limited to analytics. Sample preparation (sub-sampling, dilution, homogenization etc.), prior analytics, became a standard repertoire in our automated solutions. This webinar offers insights into how automation can be used with our instruments.



Idioma: English
Instructor: Dr. Daniela Ehgartner, DI Helmut Löscher
Helmut Löscher

Helmut Löscher is a Sales Manager at Anton Paar's Automation & Robotics department. He has many years of experience in laboratory automation and project development. He has a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering & Economics. 


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