Backstage: Marketing

"Nothing stands still, we form, design, and change with every new day."

Max, Head of Marketing | Anton Paar GmbH

Marketing is different at Anton Paar: As a marketer you don’t have to sugarcoat things or sweep anything under the carpet. We don’t belong to the sometimes notorious members of this occupational group. We’re storytellers who have taken on the task of presenting Anton Paar’s products just the way they are: simply great. For that we have teams of roughly 100 members in 36 locations all around the world who are great at what they do. All this comes together perfectly: Great people do great jobs. We didn’t choose our slogan “Great People I Great Instruments” randomly. It reflects the DNA of our company and its core value: its people.

Our Marketing department resembles a full-service agency including a connected market analysis and positioning department. Before working on the conception of advertising material and online content a comprehensive analysis of the market, the target group, and their interests is required. We collect this information in order to make strategic decisions on the one hand and to create relevant marketing material for our sales people and our customers on the other. As soon as the required preparations are met, we start writing content, shooting photographs, filming, designing, coding, translating, and launching campaigns. And since we want to improve with every new day, we monitor the success of our measures with different reporting systems. And all of this takes place in-house.

Apart from the classics such as brochures, direct mailings, and the like, the future already belongs to the digital world – something my team and I are convinced of. For this reason we are strongly committed to new concepts for digitalization and online marketing. We master Google Analytics, Google Ads as well as all the SEO and SEA techniques in the book. Marketing automation and lead management are in our focus of attention while the continuous implementation of new tools is part of our daily business. We also know that data is the new gold. That’s why we invest in collecting meaningful data, processing and interpreting it in order to make smart decisions.

A smart decision for me was starting at Anton Paar in 2014 as an intern in Corporate Communications. I soon realized that there was only one constant in this company: change. Nothing stands still, we form, design and change with every new day. This is also what happened on my personal path: I was able to change and create a lot. Two restructurings, positions as head of department and deputy head of Marketing were part of my career here. Later, at the age of 27, I was promoted to my current role: Head of Marketing. My career at Anton Paar reflects a very special mindset: growing with the company and assuming responsibility. Being supported in this personal development with this amount of trust is exceptional.