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Inline Viscometer

Inline Viscometer

Rock-solid robustness and uninfluenced results

Immersed directly in the production liquid, Anton Paar’s robust inline viscometers continuously display the viscosity at the process temperature and reference temperature, allowing  for 24-hour monitoring of petrochemicals, lubricants, detergents, coatings, starch adhesives, ceramic slips, viscose and many more process liquids.

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Continuously monitor the real-time rheological behavior of Newtonian and non-Newtonian liquids

The inline viscometers are designed to measure at three different speeds of the measuring cylinder. According to the used geometry factor these speeds correspond to three distinctive shear rates in a region between 38 and 1421 reciprocal seconds.

Reduce product loss and ensure product quality

Dynamic viscosity is an important parameter for quality control in a wide range of industrial processes and is one of the most important fluid properties for the production of many significant industrial substances. The viscometers can be employed to achieve consistent product quality and reduce reject product.

Stable results – even under adverse flow conditions

Anton Paar’s inline viscometers are specifically designed for process applications and operation under harsh field conditions. The sensors’ fluid dynamic measuring principle ensures maximum stability. Any drops in pressure or flow rate do not affect the measurement.

No bypass required: immersed directly in the production line

The inline viscometers incorporate a rugged mechanical configuration with a tapered gap between two bodies applying shear forces to the sample. By doing this, the advantage of the rotation measurement is maintained while ensuring robustness, a good sample exchange and the ability to install the instrument in-line, in a bypass or tank.

Unmatched intelligence for your viscosity monitoring

Anton Paar’s viscometers provide user-friendly diagnostics based on standard status categories according to the NAMUR NE107 standard. Modular and expandable, they are easily adapted to support any number of changing communications protocols and display types.