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Inline Refractometer

Inline Refractometer

The world’s first inline refractometer with soldered optics

Building on decades of industry-leading experience in laboratory refractometry, Anton Paar introduces its first inline process refractometer for fast, easy work in a wide range of hygienic applications, including measurements on pharmaceuticals, dairy, sugar solutions, syrup, food and beverages containing pulp.

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5 Reasons

Never requires adjustment

Designed to perform with an extremely high degree of accuracy, the inline refractometer comes ready for installation with a preset factory setting so that they never require any adjustment or recalibration. Your inline process refractometer will operate with the stored adjustment values for its entire lifetime.


Because of the sensor’s industry-leading soldered optics, Anton Paar’s inline process refractometers require no fluid seal changes. Combined with a long-life LED, the unit can operate for more than 100,000 hours. In addition, the optics in the housing are sealed from moisture. The result: optics that require no servicing, ever.

Highly accurate

Count on efficient handling of 0 to 100 weight concentrations and refractive index and concentration results comparable to those of laboratory refractometers. In addition, your sensor should be back to work within specifications only a few minutes after cleaning.

Hygienic and CIP/SIP-ready

The EHEDG-certified refractometer is suitable for hygienic applications, such as measurements of pharmaceuticals, milk, sugar solutions, syrups, fruit juices, foods and beverages containing pulp and other pasty liquids. The instruments are suitable for cleaning in place and sterilization in place at temperatures up to 145 °C.

Simplicity: Install and forget

This is “fit and forget” simplicity: No special training is required to set up and operate the instrument. The unit itself provides user-friendly diagnostics based on standard status categories according to NAMUR NE107 standard. Modular and expandable, the system is easily adapted to support any number of changing communications protocols and display types.