Turbidity Meters

Turbidity Meters

A clear look at cloudy media

Anton Paar turbidity meters are indispensable plug-and-play modules that are easily integrated into Anton Paar’s multi-parameter laboratory measurement systems. These add reliable turbidity analysis to a variety of monitored parameters. Covering a wide temperature range from -5 °C to 40 °C and featuring a built-in, solid-state Peltier thermostat for independent operation, these meters will bring crystal-clear clarity to your cloudy media. 

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Turbidity Meter:
Haze 3001

Analyze turbidity in just three minutes

Our low-volume turbidity measuring cell minimizes the impact of carry-over effects within a series of samples and rapidly delivers equilibrium. Samples are filled directly and brought to the desired temperature with no need for preconditioning steps.

Choose your ideal-fit instrument combination

Anton Paar’s turbidity measuring module is specifically developed for integration into both new and existing analysis systems. The modular concept lets you configure a measuring system that provides the exact parameters you need to monitor the quality of your product.

Turbidity measurement in beverages, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals

Anton Paar turbidity meters are designed for a wide range of applications. Whether you’re verifying the whisky or beer filtering process or monitoring the product quality of infusion solutions in the pharmaceutical industry, an Anton Paar turbidity meter is always the right choice. 

Compliant with standards

The proven ratio method employed for turbidity analysis by Anton Paar complies with various official standards (e.g., EBC or MEBAK), meaning it’s aligned with industry-acknowledged standards. 

Upkeep work? A simple water check is enough

Anton Paar turbidity meters are extremely stable. Checks using distilled water are sufficient to ensure top instrument performance over the entire measuring range, which minimizes upkeep time.



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