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Combined rheology and SAXS setup:
RheoSAXS Module

Material characterization with two complementary techniques in one instrument

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The lab-scale RheoSAXS system is the clever combination of two world-class Anton Paar instruments: The renowned SAXSpoint 5.0 delivers brilliant results on the nanoscale. Combined with the DSR 502 dynamic shear rheometer (based on the MCR rheometers) this makes RheoSAXS – the first commercially available setup for studying structural and rheological properties simultaneously in one setup in your lab. RheoSAXS resolves the combined information of your sample within minutes.

Key features

New opportunities for combined RheoSAXS measurements

New opportunities for combined RheoSAXS measurements

  • 10 nNm minimum torque in rotation and 2 nNm minimum torque in oscillation allow measurement of low-viscosity dilute suspensions.
  • Easy to handle thanks to the quick coupling mechanism of the upper geometry
  • Marks on the flange between DSR 502 and the X-ray measuring chamber make changing from axial to tangential setup easy.
X-ray-transparent RheoSAXS measuring cell

X-ray-transparent RheoSAXS measuring cell

  • Measure parallel or perpendicular to flow direction to obtain the orientation of the sample distribution with respect to flow direction.
  • Cylindrical measuring geometry corresponding to DIN 53019, gap size 1 mm, made of X-ray-transparent polycarbonate
  • Filling volume: 8 mL
  • Temperature control in the range from -10 °C to 90 °C
Upgrade of all existing SAXSpoint 5.0 systems anytime

Upgrade of all existing SAXSpoint 5.0 systems anytime

  • All existing SAXSpoint 5.0 systems in the field can be equipped for combined RheoSAXS measurements.
  • The DSR 502 measuring head is integrated in SAXSpoint 5.0 and the system can be aligned using the SAXSdrive™ software.
  • Use SAXSanalysis™ to analyze the scattering data and RheoCompass™ on its own to analyze the rheological data.

Technical specifications

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