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Ultra nanoindentation tester:

  • Measurements under ambient conditions
  • Variable temperature testing from room temperature up to 200 °C
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The UNHT³ ultra-high-resolution nanoindenter with real force and displacement sensors is used to examine the mechanical properties of a material at the nanoscale. UNHT³ virtually eliminates the effect of thermal drift and compliance due to its unique and patented active surface referencing system. Therefore, it is perfectly suited for long-term measurements on all types of materials from the atomic- to the nanoscale, including polymers, very thin layers, and soft tissues.

Key features

The most accurate nanoindentation tester

The most accurate nanoindentation tester

UNHT³ measures what others estimate: two independent depth and load sensors provide true control of forces and indentation depth. In addition, UNHT³ offers the unique patented design of active top referencing: One reference indenter monitors the sample’s surface position while a measuring indenter performs the measurements, eliminating any thermal drift and compliance issues. This unique design allows a large range of indentation depths (from a few nm up to 100 μm) and indentation loads (from a few μN up to 100 mN).

The nanoindenter with the highest stability on the market

The nanoindenter with the highest stability on the market

The use of the unique patented active top surface referencing and Zerodur, a material with no thermal expansion, means UNHT³ is the only nanoindentation tester to reach a negligible thermal drift down to 10 fm/sec without any depth correction. With this unique stability, UNHT³ is the only nanoindentation tester that can be used for long-time measurements such as creep tests.

High capacity and measurement speed (>600 measurements per hour)

High capacity and measurement speed (>600 measurements per hour)

Thanks to the instruments’ unique thermal stability, a sample can be measured immediately after installation without waiting hours for thermal stabilization. Many samples can therefore be individually measured during the day. The Quick Matrix mode offers the possibility to perform more than 600 measurements per hour with real indentation curves. User profiles, measurement protocols, multi-sample measurements, and customizable reporting also contribute to reaching the highest throughput on the market.

Additional dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) with “Sinus Mode”

Additional dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) with “Sinus Mode”

The integrated Sinus Mode enables you to perform DMA analysis for depth profiling of mechanical properties (HIT, EIT vs. depth) and measurement of viscoelastic properties (E', E'': storage and loss moduli, tan δ) on samples ranging from thin films to bulk materials. The Sinus Mode also offers additional features, such as quick indenter calibration and stress-strain analysis.

Technical specifications

Maximum load [mN] 50 / 100(1)
Load resolution [nN] 3
Load noise floor [rms] [μN] ≤0.05
Loading rate [mN/min] Up to 1000
Depth range [μm] 50 / 100(1)
Depth resolution [nm] 0.003
Depth noise floor [rms] [nm] ≤0.03
Data acquisition rate [kHz] 192
Heating stage up to 200 °C
Cooling down to -120 °C (2)
Liquid testing

(1) optional

(2) with an environmental chamber


Active top surface referencing for UNHT³: US 7,685,868 B2



ASTM E2546

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