Applications of indentation and scratch in automotive industry

Automotive industry is one the most important and most demanding markets for new materials. Traditional materials are progressively replaced by composites and protective surface coatings are often used. This application report shows how nanoindentation and scratch test contribute to the development on new materials for future cars.

Anton Paar TriTec develops and manufactures precise instruments for characterization of mechanical properties of surfaces of many types of materials. The whole portfolio of Anton Paar TriTec instruments can
be used in various sectors, such as (list is not exhaustive):
▪ Automotive
▪ Biomedical
▪ Cutting tools (hard coatings)
▪ Decorative coatings
▪ Electronics
▪ Polymeric materials
▪ Advanced ceramic & metallic materials
The aim of this application report is to demonstrate the use and capabilities of our instruments in the automotive sector. Although almost all of Anton Paar TriTec instruments can be employed in the automotive
industry, here we will focus mainly on the following ones:
▪ nanoindentation tester (NHT3)
▪ ultra nanoindentation tester (UNHT3)
▪ Revetest scratch tester (RST3)
▪ micro combi tester (MST3)
▪ nano scratch tester (NST3)
The first part of this application report provides an overview of selected applications of the above listed instruments for testing of hardness and elastic modulus, adhesion and scratch resistance. All applications in this report are based on the testing of different automobile components. The second part of this application report will focus on wear and friction properties and measurements of thickness of coatings.

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