• Reactor Chamber: XRK 900
  • Reactor Chamber: XRK 900
  • Reactor Chamber: XRK 900
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Reactor Chamber:
XRK 900

  • Reactor chamber for all common diffractometers
  • For solid state and solid state-gas reactions up to 900 °C and 10 bar
  • Sample holder options: chemically resistant materials, sample spinning, open holders for gas extraction through the sample
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The XRK 900 reactor chamber is the only heating chamber on the market specifically designed for X-ray diffraction experiments for studies of solid state and solid state-gas reactions up to 900 °C and 10 bar. It is a unique tool for in-situ X-ray diffraction investigations - unmatched in robustness and performance.

Key features

Optimal for solid state - gas reactions

  • Furnace heater for excellent temperature uniformity in the sample
  • Reliable measurement and control of the sample temperature
  • Homogeneous flushing and gas flow inside the chamber without dead volumes

Rugged design

  • High quality materials for a long working life
  • Housing temperature up to 150 °C to avoid condensation of reaction products
  • Fits on all common diffractometers

Choice of sample holders

  • Different materials, all chemically very resistant
  • Optional sample spinning for good diffraction data quality
  • Open sample holders for gas extraction through the sample
  • Easy exchange of samples

Technical specifications

Operating temperature 25 °C to 900 °C
Temperature measurementNiCr/NiAl thermocouple
AtmospheresVacuum (1mbar), air, inert gas, reactive gas
Max. housing temperature150 °C
Angle of incidence0 to +165° 2Θ
Max. operating pressure1 mbar to 10 bar
Sample holder materialStainless steel or glass ceramics
Sample diametermax. 14 mm
Measure geometryReflection

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