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Alcohol Analyzing System:

  • Entire production process monitoring: wort to finished beer
  • Direct and selective alcohol determination
  • Ready for all types of beer, cider, hard seltzer, and Kombucha
  • 4 measuring modules, 30+ industry-specific parameters
  • Fully automatic check/calibration thanks to built-in SOP
  • Entire production process monitoring: from wort to finished beer
  • Direct and selective alcohol determination
  • All types of beer, cider, hard seltzer, and kombucha
  • 4 measuring modules, 30+ industry-specific parameters
  • Fully automatic check/calibration thanks to built-in SOP
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Monitor your entire production process with a single measurement solution.

The modular system – with up to 4 measuring modules and more than 30+ industry-specific parameters – doesn’t just provide insight into each detail of your production process, safeguard product specifications, and uncover hidden potential for optimization, it also reduces product loss to zero, guarantees the desired taste, and secures label declaration. Enjoy maximum operator convenience and unmatched precision in a single measuring system.


Direct selective alcohol determination
  • Determine the alcohol concentration of your product
  • Use one calibration for your entire product portfolio
  • Eliminate the need for reference analysis


Exact knowledge regarding alcohol content is crucial in alcoholic beverage production. Common methods of analysis either require highly skilled personnel or are specific to the product they were set up for.


The selective NIR absorption method enables direct alcohol determination in the finished product without the need for distillation. Plus, the results are compliant with reference methods.


Obtain highly precise alcohol results that are compliant with reference methods and based on a single calibration with water and only one binary solution.

Get the information you need
  • Suit the measuring solution to your requirements
  • Select from a modular portfolio
  • Benefit from simultaneous multiparameter analysis


Quality assurance and the requirement to monitor specific quality parameters are often defined by sample characteristics and demand individual measurement solutions.


The modular setup of the Beer Analyzing System allows the configuration of your ideal measurement solution, including your parameters of interest.


Configure your Beer Analyzing System to exactly suit your needs, and let it monitor your entire production process.

Increase reliability and availability
  • Benefit from automatic filling
  • Eliminate filling errors
  • Enjoy full flexibility


Modern laboratories often need to handle a high number of samples. At the same time, all lab equipment must be monitored, calibrated, and adjusted if necessary.


A variety of automation solutions enable automatic filling and rinsing and offer fully guided operator support for calibration and adjustment.


Minimize analysis, calibration, and adjustment efforts. Eliminate filling and adjustment errors, and maximize measurement capacity in your lab.

Match your requirements
  • Select the parameters you’re interested in
  • Adapt to your specific needs
  • Enjoy top usability


Defining parameters of interest, display configurations, and output quantities can be a time-consuming task.


Beer Analyzing Systems come with predefined products and provide the most suitable output quantities for each production step.


Eliminate individual configuration of your parameters but retain the freedom to customize the system wherever required.

Technical specifications

Beer Analyzing System Wine/Sake Analyzing System Spirits AnalyzingSystem
Alcolyzer 3001 Beer Alcolyzer 3001 Wine Alcolyzer 3001 Spirits
Alcolyzer 3001*
Measuring range
Alcohol 0 to 12 %v/v 0 to 20 %v/v 35 to 65 %v/v
Original extract 0 to 30 °Plato - -
Density 0 to 3 g/cm³
Color (optional) 0 to 120 EBC - 0 to 120 EBC
ph value (optional) 0 to 14
Turbidity 0 to 100 EBC
Repeatability s.d.
Alcohol 0.01 %v/v
Original extract 0.03 °Plato -
Real Extract 0.01 %w/w -
Total Extract - 0.1 g/L
Density 0.000005 g/cm³ (DMA 4501)
0.000001 g/cm³ (DMA 5001)
0.00001 g/cm³ (DMA 4101)
0.000005 g/cm³ (DMA 4501)
0.000001 g/cm³ (DMA 5001)
Color (optional) 0.1 EBC - 0.1 EBC
ph value (optional) 0.02 - 0.02
Turbidity 0.02 EBC
Additional information
Temperature control Integrated Peltier thermostat
Minimum amount of sample 30 mL degassed sample per measurement
Typical measuring time per sample 4 minutes (incl. filling)
Sample throughput 15 to 20 samples per hour
Dimensions (L x W x H) 482 mm x 730 mm x 446 mm (19.0 in x 28.7 in x 17.6 in)
Weight approx. 35.7 kg (77 lbs)
Power supply AC 100 V to 240 V; 50 Hz to 60 Hz; 50 VA to 80 VA
Interfaces 4 x USB, Ethernet, VGA, CAN, RS-232

*The performance spectrum of Alcolyzer 3001 includes all features specified for Alcolyzer 3001 Beer, Alcolyzer 3001 Wine and Alcolyzer 3001 Spirits


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Method 956.02 (430 nm)


Beer-4G: Near-Infrared and Original Extract Content (2004)


8.3.6 Alcolyzer for Alcohol Contents
8.4.3 Alcolyzer for Real Extract
BCOJ: analytical method for beer


Chapter 9.2.6


T 4928-2008


Chapter 2.12.2


OENO 390/2010


Density measurement in proofing alcohol for tax purposes

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