Cleaning recommendations Alcolyzer M/ME

An immaculately clean measuring cell is the pre-condition for correct and highly accurate results. Thus, thorough and regular cleaning of the Alcolyzer M measuring cell or, respectively, the measuring cells of systems with Alcolyzer ME is essential. Possible deposits and dirt need to be removed regularly with appropriate cleaning agents.

When, how and how often should a measuring cell be cleaned?

1.1 Cleaning immediately after measuring

If sample residues remain in the cell after a measurement, deposits may develop which are hard to remove. Therefore, the most important recommendation for simple and efficient cleaning is: Clean at once after each measurement unless the next measurement is performed immediately afterwards!

  • Use ultra-pure water for cleaning the measuring cell after having measured samples such as beer, beer mixtures, alcopops or wine.
  • Some spirits with high alcohol content (e.g. Ouzo) may develop deposits when cleaning the measuring cell with water alone. These deposits are poorly water soluble, they are much better soluble in a solution containing 40 % of ethanol. Therefore, after having measured spirits, clean with a mixture of water and approx. 40 % of ethanol.

After cleaning, leave the ultra-pure water or the 40 % ethanol/water mixture, respectively, in the cell until the next measurement.

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