The correct making and use of binary ethanol standards

An accurately determined alcohol concentration requires well defined prerequisites: a properly serviced instrument such as an Alcolyzer M/ME and Lyza 5000 FTIR analyzer and a correct calibration and adjustment.

Checking, calibrating, adjusting

1.1 Getting started

A correct result asks for a properly maintained instrument. This comprises cleanliness, and mechanical as well as alignment issues and is valid for Anton Paar’s product range of alcohol meters based on NIR analysis, FTIR analyzers as well as alcohol meters using U-tube technology for binary water-ethanol solutions.

Any signal of a measuring instrument needs a reference. If there is no reference there is nothing that the signal can be set in relation to. For example, if you state your age you always do it with reference to the time of your birth. Not knowing your birthdate will make it impossible to define your age correctly.

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