How homebrewers get their beer on the phone

2016-01-12 | Corporate

It's easy. With the new EasyDens density and extract meter, homebrewers can open a direct line of communication with their brew - through their smartphone. 

If homebrewers want to determine their beers' extract content, monitor the fermentation process or need information on the right bottling time they can "ask their beer" directly, by pressing a button on their phone. After downloading the free app for EasyDens, customers have all results displayed on their smartphone.

EasyDens is a budget-friendly new solution designed for homebrewers who want to go digital and quit the hydrometer hassle. It simply, quickly and reliably determines their wort's extract content, monitors the fermentation process via a daily measurement of apparent extract and finally provides the information brewers need to decide when it's time for bottling.

In contrast to glass hydrometers, the more traditional approach in the homebrewing sector, the EasyDens density and extract meter covers the entire measuring range required for beer production. This is one single push-button solution for extract checks before, during and after fermentation. Measurements are done in less than a minute, including filling and cleaning. Results are automatically temperature-corrected and displayed in °Plato, so no further calculations or correction tables are required. EasyDens is true to its name regarding its demands on the user. Here's how a measurement with EasyDens works: After removing particles from the beer sample - only 2 mL are needed - using a paper filter, and removing CO2 during and after fermentation by degassing the sample with some shaking, the beer is filled straight into EasyDens using a syringe. The measured results are displayed moments later.

Anton Paar has been a partner to the brewing industry for decades and is the world's leading provider of density and extract measurement in this industry. EasyDens is based on the renowned oscillating U-tube principle, the same technology applied in the world's most accurate density meter, the DMA™ 5000 Generation M from Anton Paar. Homebrewers now benefit from this quality in a straightforward, budget-friendly package. It's just that easy.