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Tensile Stage 2.0

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  • The only commercially available stage specially designed for in-situ SWAXS studies of stress/strain phenomena
  • For investigating fibers, foils, and thin films
  • Studies at forces between 0.01 N and 600 N
  • Temperature range from -150 °C to +350 °C

The Tensile Stage is the perfect stage for investigating the stress/strain phenomena of fibers, foils, and thin films in both the SAXS and WAXS range. It is equipped with a full-range load cell and a high-resolution load cell. The stress/strain investigations can be performed at ambient conditions and combined with the dedicated Heated/Cryo Module in a temperature range from -150 °C to +350 °C.

Key features

Straining samples at full force and with high resolution

Straining samples at full force and with high resolution

The Tensile Stage enables stress/strain studies at forces between 0.01 N and 600 N. Choose between two load cells:

  • The low-range, high-resolution cell for forces from 0.01 N to 5 N
  • The full-range cell for forces from 1 N to 600 N

The Tensile Stage includes an easy-to-use software for stage control and data acquisition. You can use it to program complex load profiles.

Stress/strain studies from -150 °C to 350 °C

Stress/strain studies from -150 °C to 350 °C

The Tensile Stage has a dedicated Heated/Cryo Module 2.0 for stress/strain studies in a temperature range from -150 °C to 350 °C. The optional Heated/Cryo Module 2.0 is mounted on the Tensile Stage and due to its design maximum temperature homogeneity within the sample is guaranteed. The module is counter-cooled to minimize the temperature impact on the system housing during heating and cooling.

Technical specifications

Tensile force 0.01 N to 600 N
Temperature range -150 °C to +350 °C
Temperature accuracy +/-0.1 °C

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