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Rheo-Confocal Microscopy:
MCR 702e Space MultiDrive and Rheo-Optics

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  • Accessory for “Structure Analysis”: Rheology meets confocal microscopy
  • MCR rheometer with all possibilities and maximum working space for sophisticated research

The combination of confocal microscopy and rheology is a powerful tool for the detailed characterization of the microstructure of complex fluids and soft materials like biomimetic hydrogels or colloidal suspensions. Controlled shear conditions and direct linking to the rheological behavior enable deeper understanding of intrinsically complex materials. MCR 702e Space MultiDrive offers the unique possibility to combine different confocal microscopes with a rheometer. 

Key features

The cutting-edge research rheometer that gives you all the working space you need

The cutting-edge research rheometer that gives you all the working space you need

When designing a “confocal rheometer” the combination of two big housings is the main challenge. MCR 702e Space MultiDrive is a fully functional rheometer based on the technology of the MCR 702e MultiDrive. It has a unique maximized working space underneath the support plate (flange) which provides the best available basis for adding a confocal microscope. The rheometer and confocal microscope can still also be used separately in stand-alone mode. In addition, the rheometer's separate electronics box makes it possible to set up the rheometer where space is limited or in a laboratory glovebox, even when using inert gas (nitrogen, argon) atmosphere.

Choose your preferred confocal microscope and we’ll help you integrate it

Choose your preferred confocal microscope and we’ll help you integrate it

Confocal microscopy (or more precise: confocal laser scanning microscopy, CLSM) has become a standard technology in recent years. Many commercial manufacturers offer a number of different models and accessories. “Rheo-confocal setups” are always customized solutions, depending on the detailed specific user requirements. Building on various successful rheo-confocal projects over the years Anton Paar provides technical support and customized solutions, often in cooperation with the manufacturers of confocal microscopes. Contact us for a customized solution for your measurement task!

Explore yet undiscovered applications

Explore yet undiscovered applications

Confocal microscopy is a well-established tool for studying nanoscopic features and processes in cells and materials. The MCR 702e Space MultiDrive “confocal rheometer” enables you to study the relationship between the rheological properties (“flow behavior”), externally applied mechanical forces, and the morphology of materials simultaneously and in real-time. This is possible with temperature control of the sample up to 300 °C. This exciting combination has undiscovered potential for multiple applications:

  • Life science / biology / medicine, e.g. cell biology, tissue engineering, biopolymers
  • Soft matter research, e.g. biomimetic hydrogels
  • Colloidal systems / suspensions
  • Crystallography

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