Particle Characterization Techniques for Food and Beverages


Are you interested in hearing more about particle characterization for food and beverages?

In this webinar we will cover the topic of particle characterization for the food and beverage industry by means of dynamic light scattering (DLS) as well as laser diffraction. You will learn about the basic principles of the measurement techniques as well as specific applications.

Featured topics will include:

  • How to characterize food emulsions such as milk and mayonnaise by using DLS and laser diffraction
  • How particle size affects taste and mouthfeel
  • Particle analysis of sugar






녹화물 제공
언어: English
강사: Mag. Carina Santner
Carina Santner

Carina Santner completed her Master’s degree in pharmacy at the University of Vienna. In her master thesis she focused on the characterization of aqueous extracts from medicinal plants using HPLC and GC-MS. She joined Anton Paar in 2014 as part of the development team of the Litesizer 500 particle analyzer and has been working as a product specialist for particle characterization since 2017. 


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