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Dynamic Mechanical Analysis: Solid Rectangular Fixture for MCR 702 TwinDrive (SRF/TD)

The MCR rheometers perform rheological measurements in shear but can also be used for dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA). With the SRF/TD for MCR 702 TwinDrive, DMA measurements using both motors are possible. The fixture features the established sample clamping system known from the SRF for single-motor MCR rheometers as well as a touch control feature for convenient sample handling. As both options – single-motor and TwinDrive measurements on solid bars – are available with MCR 702 TwinDrive, you can choose the best possible option for each sample you investigate.

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Key Features

Technical highlights

  • DMA measurements in torsion with MCR 702 TwinDrive in SMT (single motor transducer) mode and counter-oscillation mode
  • Easy sample handling due to user-friendly sample clamping system
  • Precise and stable temperature control: CTD 180 Humidity Ready as well as CTD 450 TwinDrive Ready and CTD 600 MultiDrive Ready
  • Can be used with humidity option for CTD 180 Humidity Ready
  • Can be used with liquid nitrogen or gas chiller option (CTD 450 TwinDrive ready and CTD 600 MultiDrive ready)
  • Sample observation using Digital Eye CCD camera during the experiment
  • Touch control functionality for sample preparation
  • Predefined software templates and analysis methods for convenient operation

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