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Anton Paar’s compact atmospheric distillation units perform highly accurate boiling range analysis of petroleum products, aromatic hydrocarbons and other volatile organic liquids. The innovative heater technology, excellent volume detection and automated solutions are the key to perfect results, operator satisfaction and cost savings.

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5 Reasons

Leading heater technology

The unique infrared heater technology of Anton Paar’s atmospheric distillation units has an unparalleled response time and gives perfect distillation rate control even for complicated product mixture (e.g. ethanol blended fuels). Moreover, you can avoid instrument downtime with the outstanding heater lifetime that is highlighted with a 5-year warranty.

Excellent volume detection system

The light-barrier detection system combines accuracy and reliability in the best way. The solid-state construction has no moving parts and therefore minimizes the need of adjustments and instrument down-time. The excellent heat transfer possibilities allow perfect sample charging and recovery guaranteeing the best distillation results possible.

Benchmark in handling

Operators love the easy and intuitive user interface for saving their time for other work. Results are automatically barometrically and loss corrected with the possibility of automatic Cetane Index calculation. Data reporting is done easily via printout or exporting via USB and LAN (LIMS).

Automated dry point detection

Anton Paar’s automated solutions are prepared for automatic dry point detection. While the operator can still manually detect the dry point, the use of the optional long lasting dry point sensor frees the operator for other duties and guarantees correct and accurate test results.

Compliance with international standards

Anton Paar’s reliable atmospheric distillation units provide highly accurate results for distillation in compliance with international standards: ASTM D86, ASTM D850 and ASTM D1078, ISO 3405, IP 123 and IP 195