Backstage: Warehouse Logistics

"We make sure materials get to the right places, at the right time, in the right amounts."

Maria, Warehouse Team | Anton Paar GmbH

In 2006 I started working part-time in the warehouse at Anton Paar GmbH. Since my two sons were still in school back then, the company’s flexitime policy was very convenient.

The work environment was entirely new to me and therefore an interesting challenge as it consisted of more than just counting and passing on items. The great variety of items, ranging from screws, O-rings, hoses, electronic and mechanical components to circuit boards, sensitive measuring cells and countless other parts requires careful and precise handling. 

Due to the continuous development and innovations the company has grown significantly over the past years. In 2014 our department moved to the newly built Logistics Center in which our multi-faceted work was split into various stations. They include the station for incoming items, the repacking station, the automated small parts store, a pallet store, and the internal delivery service. I see warehouse logistics as a service and supply department within the company. As a fundamental pillar of the company we make sure that the needed materials are delivered to the right places at the right time and in the right amounts.

We receive huge numbers of packages and pallets on a daily basis at the item reception. To process their further journey requires good coordination within the team. Larger items are booked electronically by my colleagues at the reception, which is also where repair orders are accumulated.

Highly sensitive and fragile incoming articles are either sent to the quality management if further checks are required, sent to the repacking station, or distributed to the assembly departments. The products are sorted at the repacking station and prepared for storage in the automated small parts store. This job requires skillful handling and concentration from the entire team. This is where the electronic booking system and our storage program come together.

At the automated small parts store the parts for the individual assemblies, for technicians, or for export are commissioned. Good preparation is essential to ensure a smooth process later down the line.

Working in delivery requires a fair amount of physical fitness as we are constantly on our feet delivering items around the company. For one, we deliver the needed materials for the assembling of instruments, but we also carry finished products either to the storage or to further assembling stations. Our colleagues in the pallet store are in charge of large and heavy items that are moved with forklifts.