Food | Inline NaCl Brine Concentration Measurement in the Food Industry

The controlled and exact monitoring of the NaCl salt brine concentration in the food industry is an essential process step to ensure stable product quality, consistent food taste and adequate raw material usage. Anton Paar’s outstanding inline sound velocity sensor L-Sonic 5100, Version MON is well suited for the continuous inline concentration measurement of sodium chloride brine solutions in the food industry.

Salt brine solutions in the food industry

The use of salt solutions in the food industry is diverse and often has multiple reasons. On the one hand, salt brines are used to flavor and enhance the taste of var-ious foods and snacks, but on the other hand is also used for the preservation and conservation of meat and vegetables. In saline waters, less oxygen dis-solves, which inhibits or impedes the formation of bac-teria.
Therefore, the food industry uses brine solutions for the production of cheese or pickles, for the flavoring of e.g. snacks and salt sticks, for preservation of meat and ham but also for e.g. the production of popular side dishes such as Kimchi and many other products. In order to ensure a distinctive and consistent taste in food products, as well as the fulfillment of legal re-quirements the right NaCl concentration is important. Also, for the compliance with the highest quality standards, a permanent monitoring of the brine con-centration is essential.
To do so, Anton Paar provides with the inline sound velocity sensor L-Sonic 5100 made of Monel 400 as wetted parts, a strong and cost-efficient package for the consistent and precise concentration control of NaCl solutions in tanks and pipelines.

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