Chemistry | H2SO4 | Monitoring Pickling Baths

Monitoring the acid and metal salt concentration is essential to operate a pickling line at the most efficient operating point. The highly reliable pickling bath monitor from Anton Paar provides information on the composition of the pickling bath.

Pickling Process

In many fields of the metalworking industry, pickling baths are used to clean metal surfaces from contaminants and rust or scale by removing or dissolving them.

The liquids used for pickling are commonly acids, such as sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid. By introducing a monitoring system by Anton Paar, the pickling time can be optimized without under-pickling. Moreover, the risk of over-pickling is reduced and the consumption of acids, cleaning fluids and energy are minimized. The maintenance-free pickling bath monitor includes Anton Paar’s L-Dens 7400 Version TAN density sensor in combination with a conductivity sensor. The process sensor controls the acid concentration, the metal salt concentration as well as the temperature directly at the product line. With Anton Paar’s measuring system, complete control over the process can be achieved while reducing operating costs.

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