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In breweries carbon dioxide (CO2) from fermentation is collected and purified to improve brewing sustainability and ensure CO2 self-sufficiency. The CO2 Purity Monitor for inline measurement of oxygen gives critical information for efficient processing and high-quality CO2.

CO2 recovery

Large amounts of ultra-pure CO2 are required during the beer production (for carbonation, adjusting counter pressure, filling and bottling). Many breweries are self-sufficient by recovery of CO2 that naturally occurs during fermentation and maturing of beer.

In a CO2 recovery plant CO2 from fermentation is collected, filtered, compressed, dried and purified from permanent gases such as oxygen (O2) and nitrogen (N2). In recovered CO2 the oxygen content should not exceed ~ 5 ppmv to minimize oxygen intake, ensure beer stability and long shelf life.

Reliable and accurate monitoring of O2 is mandatory to ensure high purity of the recovered CO2 and economical processing.

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