Traditional Taste, Modern Process

2024-07-01 | Corporate

Budweiser Budvar is one of the best-known beer brands in Central Europe. In 2023, the brewery in Budweis in the south of Czech Republic produced 1.865 million hectoliters of beer, the largest volume in its almost 130-year history. For the automated brewing process, the producer relies in particular on Anton Paar instruments. Our marketing team colleagues therefore visited the renowned brewery and were able to take a look behind the scenes.

“For fermenting good Czech lager, you need a lot of time, because the fermentation is cold and long and you need to control it for a long time. And as the brewery is growing, we were looking for some automation to help us with this control,” says Petr Košin, Beer Production Manager at the Budweiser brewery. In the video, he explains the challenges of the Czech fermentation process and how Anton Paar process instruments help to ensure the quality of the beer: