10 years of Anton Paar ProveTec

2022-03-01 | Corporate

Not only are we celebrating Anton Paar’s 100th anniversary this year, there are also some important birthdays to celebrate among our subsidiaries and producing sites. One of them is Anton Paar ProveTec:
On March 1st, 2012, the company became part of Anton Paar. The former “Petrotest Instruments GmbH & Co. KG” in Dahlewitz, Germany, was founded in 1873 and produces testing and measuring instruments for the mineral oil industry.

Of growth, change and success
Back in 2012, when Anton Paar aquired the company, there were 58 employees working at the site. By now, there are already 87 Anton Paar ProveTec employees.

Even though the company’s instruments were mainly used for analyzing fuels back in the days, today “only” 41% of all sales happen in this sector. 18% rank in the chemical sector, 15% of the instruments are used for analyzing lubes, the rest is parted into smaller sectors.

But not only the market sectors changed during the last 10 years, also the product range did. From a variety of products, a strong product line with 14 main instruments emerged, e.g. the RapidOxy 100, the Diana 700 or the PMA 500, the top-selling flash point tester in the world.

Small celebration
Due to the current COVID situation, there will be no big celebration. Nevertheless, the employees will get a little “birthday cake” (a cupcake) each.

Happy Birthday, Anton Paar ProveTec!