Customs and Excise Authorities

Customs and Excise Authorities

Customs and excise operatives are looking for reliable analysis solutions which provide swift results and are flexible to operators’ needs. From portable instruments for quick routine checks to high-end instrumentation for sample digestion and analysis – Anton Paar delivers a wide range of solutions for efficient, accurate control. Find the measuring instrument that meets your particular needs in the instrument list below – or let us help you find the best solution by contacting us directly.

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With its extended low temperature range the automatic Abel closed cup tester can measure flash points or detect flammable vapors by the flash/no flash method

Abel Flash Point Tester: ABA 4

Atmospheric distillation analyzer: Diana

Automated flow chemisorption analyzer: ChemBET Pulsar

Automated representative sampler: Micro Rotary Riffler

Automated tapped density analyzers: Autotap

Benchtop Heating Stage BTS 500

Benchtop Heating Stages: BTS 150 | BTS 500

Cold Filter Plugging Point Tester Callisto 100 with digital display

Cold Filter Plugging Point Tester: Callisto 100

Combined density and sound velocity sensor: L-Com 5500

Compact Raman spectrometers: Cora 5001

Abbemat Heavy Duty

Digital heavy duty refractometer: Abbemat

Abbemat Performance and Performance Plus

Digital performance refractometer: Abbemat

Dynamic shear rheometer: SmartPave

Five-station gas pycnometers for true density: PentaPyc and PentaFoam

Gas sorption analyzer: QUADRASORB evo

Two-place grease working machine with stroke counter.

Grease Working Machine: GWM 5

Gum Content Tester: GUM

Handheld density meter: DMA 35 Basic

High vacuum physisorption/chemisorption analyzers: autosorb iQ

Inline alcohol measurement configuration: Alcohol Monitor

Inline density meter: L‑Dens 7000 series

Mercury intrusion pore size analyzers: PoreMaster

Micro Combi Tester: MCT³

Microwave digestion platform: Multiwave 5000

Microwave digestion system: Multiwave 7000

Microwave digestion system: Multiwave GO Plus

Millikelvin thermometers: MKT

Modular Compact Rheometer: MCR 72/92

Modular Compact Rheometer: MCR 102e/302e/502e

Nanoindentation tester: NHT³

Oxidation Stability Tester OBA 1 consisting  of a bath, 4 pressure vessels and digital manometers

Oxidation Stability Tester: OBA 1

The automatic Pensky-Martens closed cup tester features a fire extinguishing device, a patented connection system, gas and electric ignition.

Pensky-Martens flash point tester: PMA 5

Pensky-Martens flash point tester: PMA 500

Portable density meter: DMA 35

Rolling-ball viscometer: Lovis 2000 M/ME

The RheolabQC is the quality control rheometer from Anton Paar. RheolabQC with temperature device C-PTD 180/AIR/QC and with Flexible Cup Holder.

Rotational Rheometer: RheolabQC

Sample changer: Xsample 530

Single-station gas pycnometers for true density: Ultrapyc

Software solutions for ViscoQC: Software

Surface area analyzer: AutoFlow BET+

With its extended low temperature range the automatic Tag closed cup tester can measure flash points or detect flammable vapors by the flash/no flash method.

Tag Flash Point Tester: TAG 4

Ultra nanoindentation tester: UNHT³

Vacuum and Flow Degasser: FloVac

Vacuum Degasser: XeriPrep

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