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MCR Tribology Cell:

  • Based on the ball-on-three-plates measuring principle
  • Excellent temperature control from -160 to +600 °C
  • Adjustable spring stiffness in z-direction
  • Normal force range expanded down to 0.1 N

The accessory T-BTP extends the advantages of the ball-on-three-plates setup to the temperature range of -160 to 600 °C. Further, an optimization of the self-aligning mechanisms broadens the range of the applicable normal forces. The normal force range acting on the specimens is expanded down to 0.1 N. Also as a new feature, the spring stiffness in z-direction is adjustable.

Key features

Technical features

  • Self-aligning ball-on-three-plates setup
  • Temperature control: excellent temperature control from -160 to 600 °C for all options
  • Maximum torque: 300 mNm
  • Sliding speed control between 10-8 and 1.4 m/s
  • Adjustable spring stiffness in z-direction


  • Flexible test definition in rotation and oscillation
  • Pre-defined workbooks for tribological measurements

Technical specifications

Tribological normal force FN,Tribo 0.1 N to 70 N
Sliding speed vs 10⁻⁸ m/s to 1.4 m/s
Speed U 10⁻⁶ rpm to 3000 rpm
Temperature T

CTD 180: -20 °C to 180 °C
CTD 450 TDR: -150 °C to 450 °C
CTD 600 MDR: -160 °C to  600 °C

Deflection angle φ 1 µrad to ∞ µrad
Contact types Point
Specimen sizes 12.7 mm setup
Ball: 12.7 mm
Plates (L x W x H):
15 mm x 6 mm x 3 mm
Pins (diameter, length):
6 mm, 6 mm

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