2021-09-24 | Corporate

Disinfectants should (according to WHO recommendations) contain alcohol in the form of ethanol at a concentration of 80% or isopropanol at a concentration of 75%. This concentration can be determined quickly and easily by measuring the density and refractive index with an Anton Paar density meter or refractometer.

In quality control, these two measurement techniques are quick and easy ways to check the purity of incoming raw materials, perform in-process controls of blending and dilution, and check the quality of the final product. During filling, it is also possible to use an Anton Paar density meter to determine the exact fill volume of individual packages. With the beginning of the pandemic, many small, independent distilleries completely changed their production and focused on the production of disinfectants. Most of them already worked with a density meter by Anton Paar.

Now these instruments help them to ensure the correct mixing ratios of binary solutions for fast production. Every Anton Paar density meter and refractometer, whether portable or benchtop, is capable of determining the alcohol concentration over the entire measuring range from 0%v/v to 100%v/v.