10 years of Anton Paar Italia

2022-01-28 | Corporate

In addition to Anton Paar's 100th anniversary, a subsidiary is also celebrating a major birthday this year –
Anton Paar Italia turns ten. On the occasion of the anniversary celebration, the team plans a special project, as General Manager Fabrizio Scoffone explains: "In 2022, a tree will be planted for every instrument we sell. This will be a great gift to the environment, but also to ourselves and our customers." At least 1,000 trees are to be planted in the new "Anton Paar Italia Forest".

The history of Anton Paar Italia began in January 2012 with ten employees. In the meantime, the team has grown to 38 people. The subsidiary's total order intake has also increased significantly over the last ten years – from two million euros in 2012 to twelve million euros in 2021.

From wine and oil to high explosives
Italy is known for its specialties around the world – it is not a surprise that the food and beverage industry in particular is one of the strongest sales markets for Anton Paar Italia. But the company has also been able to celebrate some sales successes in the industrial and research sectors, not least because of a team set up specifically for the petroleum industry. The RAMAN product line is also very successful in Italy – for example, the Italian police bought 56 Cora instruments in the last two years for the detection of drugs, explosives and hazardous chemicals.

At home in Piedmont
AP Italia is located in Rivoli, a suburb of Turin. Until the new building was completed in 2019, the team had little space. Now the company's headquarter covers around 1,600 m². About 450 m² are dedicated to customers and provide presentation labs as well as seminar rooms for up to 80 people. Various workshops with product specialists are held there to familiarize customers with instruments of Anton Paar.

The 10th birthday will also be celebrated adequately at the new location, but probably in a few months. "At the moment it is a bit difficult, but we will definitely toast to the last ten years, but also to the next ten years," says Fabrizio Scoffone.

Tanti auguri di buon compleanno, Anton Paar Italia!