Tensile Stage: TS 600 - sample stage for in-situ X-ray diffraction studies of stress/strain phenomena in fibers, foils and thin films
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Tensile Stage:
TS 600

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The TS 600 Tensile Stage is a completely new, advanced sample stage for in-situ X-ray diffraction studies of stress/strain phenomena in fibers, foils and thin films. It is the first commercial sample stage specifically designed for in-situ XRD investigations of structural changes in materials under mechanical load. Because of its compactness and low weight, the instrument can be used on synchotrons as well as on laboratory X-ray diffractometers. And what’s more, it can be operated in transmission and reflection mode to gain new insights into the world of strain and stress.

Key features

Exploring the world of mechanical properties

  • Simultaneous straining and X-ray diffraction
  • Two different load cells cover a large force range with high resolution
  • Easy exchange and automatic recognition of load cells
  • Precise measurement of force and sample elongation

Compact and versatile

  • Measurements in transmission and reflection geometry
  • Various sample types, such as fibers, foils, thin sheets, etc
  • Suitable for synchotrons and commercial X-ray diffractometers
  • Small size and low weight

Easy access to complex information

  • User-friendly control and data acquisition software
  • Programming of complex load profiles possible including cyclic straining and creep experiments
  • Data can be viewed online in different representations and exported in various formats



Technical specifications

Force range5 N load cell: 0.05 to 5 N
600 N load cell: 1 to 600 N
Speed range0.05 to 5 mm/min
Angular rangeΨ ≤ 20° to 90° (depending on Φ)
Θ ≤ 20° to 90° (depending on Φ)
Φ 0° to ± 180°
Sample sizeLength: min. 30 mm
Width: max. 15 mm
Thickness: max. 2 mm
Diameter155 mm
Total height48.5 mm
Height of sample above base plate36 mm
Weight1.3 kg
X-ray geometryTransmission and reflection

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