Recommended Results

  • MCR 702 TwinDrive™: Groundbreaking high-end rheometer in a class of its own.

Software for Rheometry: RheoCompass™

Rheometers from Anton Paar open up a constantly growing number of measurement opportunities. This calls for a navigation tool that gives users the complete overview as well as the exact insights they require: Anton Paar’s new RheoCompass™ software, the most innovative state-of-the-art rheometer software on the market. Designed for intuitive use, RheoCompass™ enables application-oriented template filtering, customized test and analysis definitions, highly simplified data retrieval and much more.

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Key Features


The App Manager finds the perfect template for your application based on your input. Simply filter the wide number of available predefined or customized templates by application, material property, rheological test type or a combination of these.



With the RheoFinder, managing and retrieving data is as easy as generating them. Filter the data, e.g. by year, batch number, operator, and display it within seconds.


Media Explorer

The Media Explorer manages and displays pictures and video sequences recorded by connected digital cameras.


Analysis Designer

The Analysis Designer includes rheological standard analysis methods as well as curve sketching and advanced oscillatory methods, e.g. the Time-Temperature Superposition.


Test Designer

Test definitions are flexibly and easily assembled by dragging and dropping a variety of action blocks into workflows covering all test steps from sample preparation to the printout at the end.


Report Designer

The Report Designer generates comprehensive measuring report in a flexible fashion in standardized formats such as PDF.



RheoCompass™ offers you unprecedented presentation options, e.g. the Quick Curve function for one-click diagram arrangement and flexible in-place editing of text pictures and logos.

Technical Specifications

  RheoCompass™ Light RheoCompass™ Professional

Templates and data

App Manager Yes Yes
RheoFinder (1) Yes Yes
Test Designer Yes Yes
Macro Designer Yes Yes
Information via video/audio Yes Yes
Report Designer Yes Yes
Media Explorer No Optional

Quality Management (QM)

Login Yes Yes
User roles Yes Yes
Event logging Yes Yes
Approval of templates Yes Yes
Advanced Quality Management (2) No Optional

Data safety

Backup, restore Yes Yes
Archiving Yes Yes

Shared data

Devices in license 1 RheolabQC or
1 MCR 72/92 (3)
multiple devices
Single lab, 1 computer Yes Yes
Shared lab, 2 computers (4) No Yes
Managed lab, multiple clients and server (5) No Optional


Export to PDF, XML, ASCII Yes Yes
Trigger by analog signal Yes Yes


Actuator, sensor and transient data (6) No Optional
TwinDrive variables No Optional
(1) RheoFinder is based on Microsoft SQL 2012 technology 
(2) Features and settings to use RheoCompass™ under QM regulations like GLP / GMP or 21 CFR Part 11 e.g. complete Audit Trail & Electronic Signature
(3) For RheolabQC, MCR 72 and MCR 92 only
(4) Two computers are connected to a database at the same time
(5) Several measuring sets (computers with MCR in the lab) connected to a central database (a computer specified as server)
(6) Transient data: Including waveforms, Lissajous, Fourier coefficients, Chebyshev coefficients, intra-cycle variables
System Requirements:
  • Microsoft Windows™ 7-SP1, 8, 8.1, 10; all 64bit
  • Intel™ i5, 2.67 GHz or higher
  • 8 GB RAM or more