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Evacuated Chamber for High-Resolution SAXS and XRD:
EVAC Module

  • +5
  • Unbeatable signal-to-noise ratio due to fully evacuated beam path
  • Dedicated SAXS optics for measurements with the quality of a stand-alone SAXS instrument
  • Suitable for high resolution XRD studies in reflection or transmission
  • Measure without any restriction of the 2θ range

The EVAC module for XRDynamic 500 offers a fully evacuated beam path for SAXS and XRD measurements to completely remove parasitic air scattering, offering maximum beam intensity on the sample and unbeatable signal-to-noise ratio. Capable of being used with all XRD or SAXS sample holders over the widest possible measurement range, the EVAC module delivers unrivalled measurement performance with the flexibility to measure how you want. With the included scatterless SAXS optics, the EVAC module can produce SAXS data of a quality never before seen on a diffractometer!  

Key features

Best-in-class nanostructural analysis on a diffractometer

Best-in-class nanostructural analysis on a diffractometer

The combination of EVAC module and XRDynamic 500 brings the quality of a dedicated line collimation SAXS instrument to a diffractometer for the first time. When used with optimized SAXS optics, including the EVAC module’s scatterless slits, a resolution of qmin = 0.05 nm⁻¹ can be achieved which sets a new standard for SAXS measurements on an XRD platform. With the EVAC module and XRDynamic 500, SAXS measurements of isotropic, colloidal, and biological samples just got a whole lot easier! 

Unrivalled data quality with no parasitic air scattering

Unrivalled data quality with no parasitic air scattering

The fully evacuated beam path, from source to detector, made possible by the EVAC module and XRDynamic 500’s evacuated optics units offers the best possible signal-to-noise ratio as all parasitic air scattering is removed. This provides a boost in intensity for all measurements and is especially beneficial when working with lower-energy X-rays such as Cr or Co Kα. 

Measurement without restrictions for SAXS, WAXS, XRD, and PDF analysis

Measurement without restrictions for SAXS, WAXS, XRD, and PDF analysis

Whether for SAXS, XRD, or PDF measurements, the EVAC module doesn’t place any limitations on how you perform your measurement. Reflection or transmission, powder sample carriers or capillaries, everything is possible. Most importantly of all, thanks to the unique feature whereby the EVAC module rotates with the secondary goniometer arm, there is no restriction on the measurement angle and it’s possible to seamlessly measure data from 0° right up to 162.5° 2θ in one go.  

Technical specifications

Measurement range: -10° ­– 162.5° 2theta
qmin 0.05 nm⁻¹
Sample holders:
  • All XRD sample holders with standard dimensions
  • SWAXS sample holders for liquids
  • SWAXS sample holder for solids
  • SWAXS sample holder for disposable capillaries
  • SWAXS sample holder for viscous samples / pastes

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