CO2, Oxygen, and TPO Meters

CO2, Oxygen, and TPO Meters

For reliable quality control in beverage production

Anton Paar‘s product series for measuring dissolved CO2 and O2 in beverages provides the best possible solution for every application, ranging from highly precise stand-alone lab CO2 and oxygen meters to integrated modules for beverage analyzing systems and robust at-line solutions for measurements directly at the production line.

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Measurement of CO₂, O₂, and TPO for production and quality control

Choose the right instrument for your beverage quality control: CO₂, O₂, CO₂ and O₂ combined, or a powerful TPO meter. Fast measurements are guaranteed at the push of a button.

CO₂ and O₂ measurement – durable devices for high performance

Anton Paar’s portable CO₂ and O₂ meters are built to be used under rough conditions in production environments. The analyzers’ robust and leak-proof housing fully complies with the protection class IP67. Its certified splash-proof design means it's ready for rough environmental conditions.

Results you can trust – take advantage of our expertise

A longstanding partner to the beverage industry, Anton Paar is the inventor of the Multiple Volume Expansion method, which has proven to be the most accurate way of selectively measuring dissolved CO₂ in alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. This way of measuring dissolved CO₂ will save you time and increase product quality.

Flexibility throughout the entire production process

The intuitive user interfaces on the devices enable fast setup and operation in multiple languages for a wide range of applications and guarantees maximum user-friendliness. Once customized operation procedures are set, the daily use of each instrument in beverage production becomes straightforward and cost-efficient.

Team up with process instrumentation

Anton Paar accompanies you wherever you wish to measure – benefit from our portfolio’s consistency from process to final product control in the lab. As a result, Anton Paar’s highly precise CO₂ and O₂ meters can be directly used to adjust the process instruments.



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