New Advances in Rheological Measurements: Measuring Powder Flow, Granular Media, and Fluidization with a Rotational Rheometer


Powders, granular media, and fluidization properties are complex. Measuring their flow and rheological properties should not be.

This webinar will present the Powder Cell for the MCR rheometer series as the perfect solution for the fast and reproducible measurement of powders, granular media, and fluidization properties. 

Topics covered will include: 

  • Theoretical basis for the measurement of powder flow, granular media, and fluidization
  • Important considerations and parameters for reliable and reproducible measurements
  • Key applications and uses that require powder flow measurements

Engineers, chemists, researchers, materials scientists, and students with an interest in learning more about powder flow, granular media, and/or fluidization are cordially invited to attend.

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Idioma: English

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