Backstage: Catering

"We make our guests happy by serving them exquisite meals in a charming atmosphere."

Ivanka Hrupek, Service employee | Anton Paar Sudhaus GmbH

The great thing about working in food service is the opportunity to make many different guests happy at any one time with friendly interaction and great service.

In our profession you can only be successful as a team: one for all, everyone helps everyone. Our guests are greeted with a heartfelt smile by our service staff and immediately feel that they are in good hands. A glass of fresh beer or a seasonal aperitif together with a first glance at the menu make our guests curious and want to spend more time here. The chef prepares delicacies together with his team in a modern, well-equipped kitchen. Of course, we also take care of special requests and requirements, and do everything we can to also fulfill unusual culinary wishes. We care about the well-being of our guests.

Especially in food service, passion for the job is of great importance. We prefer to talk about it as a vocation rather than a job. Hosting and providing a service are both skills with special impact: The guests feel comfortable, relax, and enjoy themselves.

Great food service is made up of team spirit and a sense of responsibility, flexibility and ambition, and especially empathy for everyone. Our guests can tell that we enjoy our work. Food service is a broad and exciting field of work with a lot of variety. It requires a talent for improvisation as well as commitment to getting things done no matter how difficult this may be. As they say: “everything is hard before it’s easy.”

A love of working with people, sociability, social competence, and an interest in new things – all these and much more are requirements for working in food service. We have new guests every day and they have many different requirements and expectations. This is what makes our job so exciting. If we can meet their needs they leave with a smile and we know they will come back and tell us of their positive experience here.