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  • Anton Paar Middle East Technical Centre

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    The Middle East Technical Centre is located in Dubai and is equipped with state-of-the-art Anton Paar instruments to serve our customers in the Middle East and Africa. Experience, learn and measure with our experts in the fields of rheometry, particle characterization, petrochemical analysis, and accelerated sample preparation. Visit us and make use of the possibility to speak to our application specialists for various industries.

    • Experience | Learn | Measure

      In the Anton Paar Middle East Technical Centre you are welcome to

      Experience the latest technology offered by the state-of-the art instruments from Anton Paar.
      Learn and get hands-on training from our trained specialists. Ask us for custom-tailored programs for your industry.
      Measure your samples on our highly precise instruments and experience the difference.

      Installed Systems

      Advanced Rheology Systems:
      MCR 302 offers advanced accessories for tribology, high-pressure applications, extensional analysis, DMTA, and many more.

      Dynamic Shear Rheometer:
      SmartPave 92 for bitumen and asphalt applications.

      Automatic Distillation Unit:
      ADU 5 performs high-precision tests to characterize the distillation range of petrochemical products, aromatic hydrocarbons, and other volatile organic liquids.

      Microwave Digestion and Extraction:
      Prepare your samples with Multiwave PRO, the master of sample preparation methods and Multiwave GO, the smallest parallel microwave digestion system on the market.

      Synthesis Reactor:
      Monowave 50 even fits into a crowded lab and is ideal for educational purposes. High level organic synthesis is performed simply with the reactor, a vial and a silicone cap.

      Particle Analyzer:
      With Litesizer™ 500 you can experience particle analysis at the touch of a button.

      Portable Density Meter:
      The intrinsically safe DMA™ 35  Ex Petrol portable density meters measure the density and concentration of your sample directly out of the sample container. With ATEX protection according to class II 2 G Ex ib IIC T4 the instruments are ready for safe operation in hazardous environments.

      Density Meters:
      The DMA™ 4200 M density meter measures all of your petroleum samples, including crude oil, intermediate products, asphalt, bitumen, liquefied petroleum gas and high-viscosity liquids. DMA™ 4500 M provides unparalleled ease-of-use  and ensures complete transparency and traceability of the sample filling and measurement process.

      Stabinger™ Viscometer:
      The SVM™ 3001 gives you more parameters than any other kinematic viscometer on the market. A single measuring cycle on a small sample volume yields kinematic viscosity, density, dynamic viscosity, Viscosity Index and more.

      Compact Refractometer:
      Reliability, precision and convenience: Abbemat 3X00 refractometers offer you an exceptional combination of technical expertise and user-friendly operation for your refractive index and concentration measurements.

      The penetrometer PNR 12 is used for consistency and plasticity determination of pasty, creamy, semi-solid or highly viscous samples.

      Industry-specific Solutions

      Our application specialists will conduct demonstrations customized to your needs. You will see solutions to increase productivity and solve measuring challenges in many industries such as the pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries, in research laboratories and academia, etc. The centre gives you a platform to experience the latest technology available for your industry first-hand.

      Academic Support

      Our measurement solutions are successfully employed in academia and research worldwide. We provide extensive support to academics for research projects, training, and sample testing in our centre.

      Explore the specially designed educational packages from Anton Paar that are revolutionizing the way education is passed on to the next generation.


      How can I schedule a visit?
      Contact our distribution partner in your area and they will help you schedule your visit or send an email with your details to info.metc[at]

      Can we bring our samples to the lab for testing?
      Yes you can bring or send your samples for testing in our lab. A safety declaration sheet might be required to be sent in advance. Our application specialists will assist you in this regard. To arrange a meeting, please contact

      Do we need to pay for the training?
      The trainings are free of charge for existing users of Anton Paar equipment who can simply register for their preferred workshop from the event calendar.

      If you are not an Anton Paar user yet, please contact info.metc[at] or contact our distribution partner in your area.

  • Upcoming Events

    You want to solve your application tasks and get the most out of our highly precise instruments for your industry? Register for your preferred training or workshop here.

News Updates

  • 31.01.2018 - Tips and tricks for SVM™

    The workshop was conducted to extend support to our users of Stabinger Viscometers. During the workshop the attendees understood more about the maintenance and care of the device along with tips and tricks to avoid application errors. This included both classroom session as well as hands on session in the laboratory on our new instruments.

    22.12 2017- ProveTec Service Qualification Training

    In order to provide the best services to our customers we keep improving our service network with the help of Qualification Training conducted for our service engineers. A four day rigorous service Qualification Training was conducted at the centre for 6 service engineers from various countries in the Middle East. The service engineers got hands-on-training on Flashpoint testers, Automatic Distillation Unit, RKA5 for consistency and ductility, RapidOxy for Oxidation Stability, PNR 12 for penetration and Callisto 100 for Cold flow properties.

    16.12.2017- ADU5 Intensive Application Training

    A 2 day intensive training was conducted at the Centre for Automatic Distillation Unit for sales specialist from Iran. During the training the participants worked on the instrument closely and gathered expert knowledge on handling of the instruments. They also conducted live sample tests for various petroleum samples.

    14.12.2017- Raman Technology Sales Qualification Training

    Sales specialists from Egypt, Lebanon, India, Pakistan, Iran, Dubai and Jordan attended the Sales qualification training for our recently acquired Raman Technology. During the training they were trained on the basics of Spectroscopy and worked hands on with the instrument on various samples. The training was conducted by Katharina Napp and Frederik Fleissner from Anton Paar, GmbH, Austria.

    21.09.2017 - RheoCompass Training Week

    Quality Engineers and Technical Managers from Cytech International and BYK visited the centre for attending a training on our advanced RheoCompass Software. This facilitated the end users to have a  hands on experience and contributed in gathering more knowledge in this powerful new software.

    31.08.2017 - Customized Training for Kenya Pipeline Company

    Laboratory Technologists from Kenya Pipeline Company Limited attended a dedicated hands-on-training and workshop on DMA™ 4100 M Density Meter which helped them to resolve their queries and learn how to effectively use these instruments.

    11.08.2017 - Better support for customers!

    Anton Paar has been present in the Middle East and Africa for more than two decades represented by distribution partners. The Anton Paar Middle East Technical Centre is not only used for conducting demonstrations and training to our customer but to also help in providing stability, support, and sustainable growth to Anton Paar’s partners and also provide highly specialized training to ensure better support for customers. In the last 2 days, 4 engineers from Anton Paar Türkiye, Naizak Global Engineering Systems and BDH Middle East LLC attended our ADU 5 Bootcamp to increase their application and method knowledge even more.

    07.08.2017 - Hands on Training with ADU 5

    The 2 day workshop on "improve your ASTM D86 distillation" workshop was successfully completed with the support of Dr. Soren Draffehn and Ranju Nair. Customers learned how to make their workflow for ASTM D86 standard for distillation smoother with an ADU 5. They also got a chance to run their samples and work on the instrument. 



    30.07.2017 - Workshop on Advanced Rheology Characterization for Asphalt & Bitumen Customers

    All key players for asphalt & bitumen research, production and sales within the GCC met at the Anton Paar Middle East Technical Centre to learn how an Anton Paar MCR SmartPave can be used for newest AASHTO tests and how it can profit their daily work.

    28.07.2017 - Workshop on Polymer melts & DMTA

    In the workshop on "Polymer Melts Rheology & DMTA" conducted in the Anton Paar Middle East Technical Centre the customers and students learned how polymer rheology characterization not only helps in basic understanding of the polymer’s physical properties, but also helps in solving teething processing issues like melt fracture, sharkskin and die swell.

    26.07.2017 - House Full!

    More than 15 participants learned about the extensive possibilities with the various accessories of an Anton Paar MCR rheometer in our "Extended rheology workshop" conducted at the Anton Paar Middle East Technical Centre in Dubai. 



    06.06.2017 - "Joe Flow" tips and tricks of rheology

    The customers got a chance to learn the "Joe Flow" tips and tricks of rheology in our workshop conducted in the Anton Paar Middle East Technical Centre on 4th of June. This will help them to effectively utilize their rheometer system. In the workshop the customers got a chance to work on the Rheometers and learn the operational aspects in a simplified way. 

    22.05.2017 - Overwhelming response to workshop

    We got an overwhelming response from the first workshop conducted at the Anton Paar Middle East Technical Centre on the "Basics of Rheology" on May 22, 2017. During the workshop the participants not only learned about oscillation and rotation in rheology but also got hands-on experience on our advanced rheometers. The workshop was suitable for rheology users and those who wanted to refresh their knowledge.

    04.05.2017 - Inauguration

    In order to serve the customers in Middle East and Africa, Anton Paar recently inaugurated Anton Paar Middle East Technical Centre in Dubai which is equipped with the state-of-the-art-lab technology.

    The inauguration was done by Dr. Friedrich Santner. CEO, Anton Paar GmbH on 4th of May, 2017 in the presence of a few key customers and our distribution partners.


  • Anton Paar Middle East Technical Centre
    Office no. R01, Street no. 13,
    Bin Drai Building, Umm Ramool,
    Al Rashidiya, Dubai