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    At times like these we all face many unexpected challenges. COVID-19 is challenging for our health, our society, and our businesses. It has changed our whole life. What isn’t changing, however, is the support of our employees: the great people at Anton Paar. They team up as usual and provide you with the best possible service on all levels to help you master any new challenge that might arise. It’s the reliability you are used to combined with the flexibility this situation calls for.

    This website serves as a hub and platform for all things useful in this new situation: Read about applications such as hand sanitizer analysis or the improvement of rubber glove quality, make good use of self-isolation time by learning about a great variety of related scientific topics, or find out which of our many webinars to join next. Together we will master these challenging times, so let’s #comebackstronger.

  • We are here for you: how we stay in contact when keeping the distance

    During these weeks we also support you with special payment terms and rental equipment. If you have any questions or would like to know further details, the Anton Paar organization is available for you worldwide.

    Times are changing, but our reliability and commitment stay the same. We know that you are used to certain ways of interacting with us. The current situation, however, requires all of us to adapt. That’s why we came up with new ways of providing you with the services and support you are used to:


    You planned to attend a seminar? Join one of our many webinars instead. They are provided regularly, covering a great variety of subjects. Have a look!

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    You require a product demo? No problem! Our experts are happy to schedule a virtual one for you. Contact us

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    You have many questions regarding our products and services? Our Live Chat team is happy to answer them. They have enhanced their capacities to be there for you round the clock.

    Virtual exhibition

    You were looking forward to seeing us at a trade fair close to you and find out about product innovations? Welcome to our virtual exhibition.

    Web shop

    You would like to order from our web shop? Safe shopping is possible as usual and all orders will be processed. Look forward to entry level instruments, consumables and accessories, the best price, fast delivery, and flexible payment options.


    Anton Paar is known for its personal service directly at your site. COVID-19 forces us to temporarily reduce this personal contact. Our promise is still: We’re here for you and your demands. Your request has top priority, so get in touch with your national Service Manager.

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  • Great people

    • COVID-19 has changed our lives and the way we work. But it has not changed our dedication and determination.
    • In times of COVID-19 we get a lot of questions regarding our products and services. That’s why we increased our capacities to be there for you day and night. Yunxia, Live Chat teamleader
      Anton Paar GmbH
    • Field service is about helping people and gaining insight into our diverse applications. Now we have found new ways to provide our customers with the best service possible. Firat, Field Service Engineer
      Anton Paar Ölçüm Aletleri Ticaret Ltd. Şti.
    • Our knowledge and application know-how bring added value to our customers’ daily work. In these challenging times this is more important than ever. Markus, Product Specialist Rheology
      Anton Paar Germany GmbH
    • From the bottom of my heart I believe that our products are useful for our customers. And now we see even more possibilities to make a helpful contribution. Takumi, Sales Management Brewery & Beverage
      Anton Paar Japan K.K.
    • Although supply and production chains are under pressure now, our work here is still true to the motto: ‘One for all and all for one.’ Bianca, Electronics Engineer
      Anton Paar GmbH

Did you know?

The current situation has, of course, led to a change in measuring demands and application focuses. Anton Paar is happy to make a contribution. Hover over the icons in the picture to find out more.

  • Fast-track the synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients with microwave reactors

    The fastest possible development of suitable medication is probably the greatest challenge of our time.

    Microwave synthesis reactors can help speeding up research by accelerating chemical reactions. They also enable parallel synthesis of API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) compound libraries to increase the number of potential candidates for a new treatment.

    Learn how microwave synthesis is used to accelerate the development of suitable medication for different diseases.

    Learn more

  • Quality check of cough syrups with viscosity measurement

    Cough syrup usually takes rather long to flow out of the bottle and must not run off the spoon quickly. The most important reason for this behavior is that it should slowly flow through the digestive tract to coat the surface of the throat and have a soothing effect.

    This goal can be achieved by the right viscosity. The measurement of a cough syrup’s viscosity with a rotational viscometer for the right flow behavior is perfectly suited for quick quality control checks. Learn more about viscosity measurement of cough medicine in this application report.

    Learn more

  • High-throughput screening in drug development and quality control

    Fast and non-destructive SAXS studies of sensitive biological samples under near-native conditions

    Small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) provides valuable structural information of biological samples such as proteins, RNA, DNA, and even virus particles such as SARS-CoV-2 including their complexes and therefore is crucial for fast drug-development. With SAXS the samples can be measured in solution (e.g. buffer solutions or simulated body fluids), i.e. under near-native conditions. This is vital for understanding the function of such molecules/particles in the organism in order to develop safe, reliable, and efficient drugs.

    Learn more

  • Prefilled syringes: Investigate the interaction of the inner surface of syringe barrels with the drug

    Prefilled syringes are used as single-dose containers of medication, for example of vaccines. This ensures easy and fast carrying and transportation and greatly minimizes the risk of contamination with microorganisms.

    Inner surface characterization of syringes helps with investigating and thus avoiding possible adsorption of molecules on the inner glass surface, an effect which reduces the actual drug concentration.

    With SurPASS 3 it is possible to analyze the syringe base material, the quality of the coating on the glass or polymer syringe barrel as well as the interaction of the syringe surface with the drug. 

    Learn more

  • Particle characterization is essential in latex glove production

    Latex gloves are one of the most important safety items these days, not only to protect health personnel, but also each and every one of us during our daily routines in COVID-19 times.

    They must be resistant to microorganisms as well as chemicals without foregoing sensitiveness for accurate working, which can only be achieved by proper characterization during production.

    Two critical parameters to guarantee highest-quality latex gloves are the particle size and the zeta potential of latex particles in the raw emulsion, measured with laser diffraction (instruments of the PSA series) and dynamic and electrophoretic light scattering (Litesizer 500).

    Learn more

  • Measurement of the stiffness of hydrogels for tissue growth

    Mechanical properties of hydrogels strongly influence the cell growth and differentiation. As a cell substrate, hydrogels are used in the biomedical industry for growing tissues which can in turn be used for testing the effects of new medical treatments. This way a fast preliminary screening of the new drug can be carried out. More complex and extensive trials on laboratory animals will be initiated based on the promising treatments from this first screening. The suitability of the stiffness of the hydrogel substrate can easily be measured using the Bioindenter, a mechanical tester that records the stiffness of the hydrogel by poking the surface with a small sphere.

    Download the application report to see how it is used to characterize the stiffness of hydrogels.

    Learn more

  • Controlling essential properties when manufacturing solid dosage medication

    Solid dosage forms such as granules, tablets, and capsules are the most prevalent ones on the market. The different mixtures of excipients and active ingredients always require very specific processing parameters to guarantee homogeneous and reliable processing.

    This is even more important as the processing steps also affect the quality of the end product and its effectiveness. To ensure processability and uniform quality, analyses of particle size, rheological and powder-rheological properties as well as surface area and density are essential.

    Learn more

  • Particle size and particle size distribution of drugs are crucial for their efficacy

    The new Corona virus causes an illness in the course of which people develop symptoms that range from hardly noticeable to life-threatening. As there is by now no distinct therapy available, it is even more important to have medication that relieves the symptoms.

    The particle size and particle size distribution have a great influence on the effectiveness, including bioavailability dissolution and absorption behavior of drugs. These two parameters that are vital for the drug to develop its maximum efficacy can be monitored using a particle size analyzer of the PSA series.

    Learn more

  • Alcohol production in a different way – from spirits to hand sanitizers

    In the fight against Covid-19, the alcohol industry steps in to help meet demands. Major spirits manufacturers donate alcohol to manufacturing partners so that they can produce hand sanitizers. Especially small independent distillers have completely converted their facilities to focus on sanitizer production. To speed up production and to ensure proper mixing ratios of binary solutions, Anton Paar’s density meters determine the alcohol concentration in the quickest way possible. Every density meter from Anton Paar, handheld or benchtop, is capable of determining the alcohol concentration over the entire range from 0 %v/v to 100 %v/v. The measurement accuracy in alcohol determination depends on the instrument type. Various alcohol tables are pre-stored ex-factory, but there is always the possibility to upload custom functions, such as isopropyl alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, if required for quality control.

    This application report provides a brief overview about alcohol tables, suitable instrumentation, and their accuracies followed by filling techniques and benefits.

    Learn more

  • Quality control of antiviral vaccines with the Litesizer particle analyzer

    The worldwide race to develop a vaccine against COVID-19 is moving at breakneck speed, but the finishing line is still a long way away. Once efficacy and safety are established, the challenges of producing and distributing a stable vaccine, on what is likely to be an unprecedented scale, will also need to be addressed.

    The particle size of an antiviral vaccine has a significant impact on its immunogenicity as well as on its shelf life. Here we demonstrate that the Litesizer instrument, using Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS), quickly and efficiently measures the particle size of inactivated virus particles, and of an aluminum salt adjuvant, in commercial antiviral vaccines. We also show that simulated cold chain disruptions (heat treatment, freeze-thawing) induce significant changes in the particle size distribution. This indicates that Litesizer is an efficient tool for the quality control of antiviral vaccines.

    Learn more