Petroleum | Volume to mass conversion in the downstream segment

Transportation, refining and distribution of hydrocarbons are extensive operations in the down-stream section of petroleum industries. The products pass through a lot of stages during and after the refining process. To continuously monitor your products’ characteristics and to optimize your process at every stage, Anton Paar provides several solutions for density measurement.

Petroleum is a major product that is heavily used as fuel in transportation, feedstock for chemical manufacturing and for various materials, and most importantly as a major utility heating fuel by many people across the world.

The petroleum industry from the exploration to the final product is usually divided into three major segments.The upstream segment includes the exploration of potential oil or gas fields, the exploitation of this field (drilling the wells) and the production (bring the raw crude or gas to the surface). The midstream segment includes the field processing steps like separating the raw crude into crude oil, gas, water and impurities, the temporary storage and transportation to the refinery. The downstream segment includes the refining of the crude oil including all required production steps to get the final product and the distribution of the final products. Especially in the downstream section accurate measurements of the final properties are required.

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