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Maintaining a constant level of beer quality throughout the brewing process is of utmost importance. The Beer Monitor 5500/5600 facilitates this by offering inline measurements of key parameters such as alcohol content, original extract, CO2 and various other parameters. Breweries can maximize the utilization of raw materials, verify compliance with legal standards, and assess the condition of their beer at any given moment.

High beer quality using the Anton Paar Beer Monitor

Drawing upon decades of expertise and collaboration with renowned breweries, the Anton Paar Beer Monitor has emerged as the industry standard for measuring key parameters such as alcohol content, real and original ex-tract, density at 20 °C, and carbon dioxide levels. With its extensive capabilities, the Beer Monitor 5500/5600 can also analyze a wide range of beverages, including ciders, shandies, hard seltzers and sugared beverages, along with their respective parameters.
The measurement of alcohol and extract in beer relies on the measurement of density and sound velocity, ensuring optimal accuracy and reliability. For determining dis-solved carbon dioxide concentration, two methods are available: the manometric method (Carbo 5100) or the optical method (Carbo 6300). Each method offers pre-cise results in assessing carbon dioxide content in beer.
The capabilities of the Beer Monitor can be further en-hanced with the integration of an Oxy 5100 for precise dissolved oxygen measurement and an L-Col for accu-rate color determination.
This application report highlights typical installation loca-tions of the Beer Monitor 5500/5600 and the advantages it brings to the brewery.

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