• Low Temperature Chamber TTK 600
  • Low Temperature Chamber TTK 600

Low-Temperature Chamber: TTK 600

The TTK 600 Low-Temperature Chamber is a non-ambient attachment for powder X-ray diffraction studies from -190°C to 600°C. Different sample holders allow investigating samples in reflection and transmission geometry. Samples can be measured in vacuum, air or inert gases. An antechamber option allows safe transfer of air-sensitive samples into the TTK 600.

The TTK 600 fits to all common powder diffractometers and is the instrument of choice for X-ray structure analysis of various sample types at low and medium temperatures.

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Key Features

Fast and accurate temperature control

  • Liquid nitrogen cooling to -190°C or compressed air cooling to -10°C
  • Resistance heating for rapid heating up to 600°C
  • Pt100 close to the sample for precise temperature measurement
  • Flexible liquid nitrogen hoses for movability even at -190°C
  • Improved heat transfer from heater to sample holder. Additional convection heating for the capillary sample holder and the transmission sample holder for reduced temperature deviation

Optimized for maximum sample flexibility

  • Various types of sample holders:

    • Standard sample holder for the investigation of powders in reflection geometry (different depths available)
    • Capillary sample holder for the investigation of powders in transmission geometry
    • Transmission sample holder for the investigation of foils, pastes and powders in transmission mode

  • Zero background holder for transparent samples
  • Integrated beam knife to minimize background at low 2θ
  • Easy exchange and mounting of samples

Technical Specifications

Operating temperature -190 °C to 600 °C with liquid nitrogen cooling
-10 °C to 600 °C with compressed-air cooling
Temperature measurement Pt 100
AtmosphereVacuum (10-2 mbar), air, inert gas
Angle of incidence (2Θ)0 to 164 ° (standard sample holder)
Max. operating pressure2 bar above atmospheric pressure
Sample holder material Chromium-plated copper
Sample size14 x 10 mm

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