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Extensional Rheology: Universal Extensional Fixture for MCR 702 TwinDrive (UXF TD)

The Universal Extensional Fixture for TwinDrive (UXF/TD, pat. pending DE102013207184) enables extensional rheological measurements with unprecedented torque and strain resolution using the MCR 702 TwinDrive in counter rotation mode. While the established SER System is perfectly suitable for extensional tests at high torques, the UXF TwinDrive opens up new possibilities for low-viscosity film and fibers and new test procedures such as stress relaxation tests.

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Key Features

The principle

  • The UXF TwinDrive consists of two counter-rotating drums driven by the two motors. The first drum in the center is directly connected via the shaft to the upper motor while the lower motor drives a second eccentrically mounted drum over an intermeshing gear system.
  • The sample is fixed to the drums with clamps and the rotational movement of the two motors is transferred to the two drums so that they rotate in opposite directions to stretch the sample. The stress is measured by the center drum with the highest possible accuracy due to the direct coupling to the air-bearing mounted EC drive.
  • The UXF TwinDrive can only be used with MCR 702 TwinDrive in counter-rotation mode. For extensional rheology on other rheometers of the MCR series the SER Tool [hyperlink] from Martin Sentmanat is available.
  • Operation temperature:  -80 °C to 350 °C

The advantages

  • Extensional measurements with the highest precision on the MCR 702 TwinDrive in counter-rotation mode
  • Uniform stretching of the sample over the entire stretching area ensures reliable results
  • Perfect strain and rate control due to two EC motors
  • Excellent torque resolution due to the direct coupling of the center drum to the upper EC motor
  • Small sample volume
  • Detachable drums for cleaning or replacement
  • Coated surface to prevent reflection when working with the DigiEye CCD camera


  • Recording, analysis, and presentation of all extensional data within the rheometer software RheoCompass™
  • Picture and movie capturing with the DigiEye CCD camera in the CTD 180 HR and the CTD 450 TDR
  • CSR, CSS, and CSD tests
  • Pre-defined workbook templates
  • Pre-defined gap setting profile for easy sample loading

Technical Specifications

Specifications UXF/TD
Operating temperature range -80 °C to 350 °C
Maximum recommended Hencky strain rate20 s¹
Maximum Torque25 mNm
Drum Material Stainless1.4404 Steel
Wind-up drum diameter10 mm
Stretch zone gage length13 mm

Recommended sample specifications
Min. shear viscosity in extension mode10 000 Pas/s
Recommended sample mass5 mg to 200 mg
Recommended sample width1 mm to 12.7 mm
Recommended sample thickness0.05 mm to 1 mm

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