Measuring Thermal Transitions of Multilayer Polymer Films with Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA)

Using an Anton Paar MCR dynamic mechanical analyzer and a universal extensional fixture (UXF) to characterize the viscoelastic properties of multilayer polymer films

In this report we present a method to determine the thermo-mechanical behavior of multilayer films consisting of ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) and polyamide (PA) using dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA).

Multilayer polymer films are used in a variety of industries. In food packaging, for example, polymer laminates are used not only to protect food, but also to retain aroma and flavors, and to extend shelf life. Multilayer films are usually manufactured using co-extrusion/film blowing techniques. The co-extrusion process combines several layers of individual polymers into one film so that they benefit from their different chemical and mechanical strengths (1). For example, in food packaging films, one layer could serve as an oxygen or humidity barrier, while the outer layer could consist of a polymer well suited for welding. Layers may also be used to position nanofillers such as nanoclays or nanotubes, pigments, recycled plastics, UV blockers or other additives or polymers that provide barrier properties.

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