Methods of Extensional Rheology – An Overview

Extensional rheology is a versatile measurement technique that can be performed using different setups, each having its own unique features and benefits: Sentmanat Extensional Rheometer (SER), Universal Extensional Fixture for configurations using either one (UXF) or two rotational drives (UXF/TD), and Solid Rectangular Fixture for linear drive (SRF/LD).

Extensional rheology is a testing method that allows extensional rheological properties to be determined such as extensional stress s, viscosity ηE, and strain ε by stretching the material uniaxially. The scope of possible applications is fairly large and encompasses polymer films and foils, natural or synthetic fiber samples, adhesive films, and more. Amongst others, information about strain hardening behavior of rubber elastic polymers, the Young’s modulus at different temperatures or humidities, the peel-off or breakaway force needed to separate two adhesive films can be gained. In this report, the methods and specific applications are compared and discussed.

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