Brabender is now operating as Anton Paar

Anton Paar's dedication to delivering premium instruments and first-class customer service will be extended to Brabender customers in the months to come.


I used to receive service and support from a former Brabender distribution partner. Who is taking care of service and support now?

Anton Paar maintains a global service network with its own subsidiaries and distribution partners. Please refer to to receive support.

How can I reach my new distribution partner?

See above.

Will the level of service and support that I used to receive change?

650 certified service engineers spread across 86+ locations are primed to empower you. Whether it's comprehensive training, application expertise, maintenance excellence, or rapid 24-hour responsiveness, know this: A helping hand is just a heartbeat away.

What happens with my existing maintenance contracts and warranty claims?

Please get in touch with us to discuss your specific situation so we can agree on a solution that satisfies you.

My sales contact was the former Brabender distribution partner. Who is now my contact person?

Anton Paar has a strong global sales and service network with 35 subsidiaries and 30+ distribution partners. Please refer to our contact form and submit your request:

Where can I request instrument demos or sample testing?

Please contact your local Anton Paar representative to set up a date for a demo. You can find all contact partners via our contact form:

Brabender products

Discover the full array of Brabender instruments now being produced by Anton Paar. We fuse Brabender’s expertise as a supplier of measuring and process technology for food and feed, plastics, rubber, and other areas with Anton Paar’s unrivalled reputation as a leading producer and global distributor of highly accurate laboratory instruments and process measuring systems.


Brabender, founded in Duisburg, Germany, in 1923, is a leading global manufacturer of measurement and process engineering solutions for testing the quality of various raw materials as well as for the development and optimization of products, formulations, methods, and processes.

As a renowned supplier of devices and equipment for testing a wide variety of material properties, Brabender stands for high quality and durable measuring and process technology. From laboratory equipment to small-scale production, Brabender instruments are used in quality assurance as well as in research and development.

For more information about our products or to contact a local representative, please fill out the contact form.

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