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Measuring Cell for Core Samples

The broad variety of measuring cells makes SurPASS 3 suitable for any sample geometry, size, or origin. This gives you the utmost flexibility for your quality control and investigations. The used measuring cell is recognized automatically.
The Measuring Cell for Core Samples accommodates typical core samples and enables zeta potential analysis at the axial and at the radial surface of the core. The interaction of e.g. drilling fluid with rock surfaces can be studied and this information used to improve EOR processes.

Key features

Non-destructive analysis of core samples used in EOR studies

  • Zeta potential analysis at the axial and the radial surface of core samples
  • Tangential measurement mode to characterize e.g. drilling fluid interacting with rock surfaces
  • Very efficient compared to alternative techniques: No need for crushing core samples to fine powders for zeta potential analysis
  • Determination of zeta potential gradients along the length of a core sample

Technical specifications

Sample height max. 4 inches
Sample diameter min. 1 inch for axial analysis
1 inch for radial analysis

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