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Measuring Cell for 1 mL Pre-filled Syringes

SurPASS 3 offers a wide range of measuring cells for the investigation and quality control of any sample geometry, size, or origin. The instrument recognizes the used measuring cell automatically.
The Measuring Cell for 1 mL Pre-filled Syringes enables zeta potential analysis at the inner surface of 1 mL syringe barrels. Liquid-on-solid surface adsorption kinetics can be studied in real-time on the inner barrel surface.

Key features

Direct insight into protein-on-syringe adsorption

  • Accommodates polymer and glass syringes of type “1.0 mL long” as per conformity with ISO 11040-4
  • Destruction-free surface characterization of the inner surface of syringe barrels
  • Detection of the deposition of proteins and antibodies on syringe walls
  • Characterization of anti-adhesive coatings to maintain formulation stability


Technical specifications

Sample type Syringe barrel “1.0 mL long” (ISO 11040-4)
Outer diameter 8.15 mm ±0.1 mm
Inner diameter 6.35 mm ±0.1 mm
Length 64.0 mm
Internal length 54.0 mm ±0.5 mm

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