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Humidity Stage

Temperature- and humidity-dependent SAXS and WAXS studies of nanostructures

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With the Humidity Stage you can perform SAXS and WAXS investigations of your powder or film sample under the influence of relative humidity (RH) and temperature. The stage comes together with a humidity generator, which exactly controls the relative humidity using a calibrated RH sensor inside the stage compartment.

Key features

Analyze the influence of temperature and humidity on your samples

Analyze the influence of temperature and humidity on your samples

Understanding the combined effect of humidity and temperature on your sample material helps you to define fitting conditions for e.g. transport, shelf life, or stability. With the Humidity Stage you can monitor the influence of humidity on your samples’ nanostructure:

  • under defined humid atmosphere (5 % to 95 % relative humidity) from 10 °C to 60 °C
  • in vacuum, air, and inert gas from 10 °C up to 110 °C
Exact control of humidity and temperature guaranteed

Exact control of humidity and temperature guaranteed

The Humidity Stage comes together with the Modular Humidity Generator which gives excellent control performance. A calibrated relative humidity (RH) sensor and the very precise Pt100 temperature sensor close to the sample guarantee uniform and well-defined humidity conditions as well as maximum thermal homogeneity during measurements. This is essential, especially during studies at elevated temperatures and high relative humidity. 

Technical specifications

Relative humidity range 5 % to 95 % RH
Temperature range:
Humid atmosphere 10 °C to 60 °C
Dry atmosphere (vacuum/air/inert gas) 10 °C to 110 °C
Temperature accuracy +/-0.1 °C

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