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Instrument package for craft brewers:
Craft2Craft Beer

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The Craft2Craft Cases guarantee precise fermentation control, correct alcohol labels, high shelf life stability and the great, consistent taste of your products. The cases include the DMA™ 35 density meter, the CarboQC At-line|CboxQC At-line|OxyQC CO2 and oxygen meters as well as the Alex 500 alcohol and extract meter. The DMA™ 35 portable density meter determines the extract content in beer wort and can also be used to closely monitor the fermentation process. The CO2|O2 meters for measurements at tanks and out of packages offer the simultaneous determination of CO2 and O2 and an insight into the amount of nitrogen in beer. The compact alcohol and extract meter Alex 500 is easily able to monitor your entire production from wort to bottle. Results are delivered within a few minutes – this system proves indispensable even in the smallest of breweries.

Key features

Immediate results around the clock

  • On-site measurement directly at the wort kettle, process line, tank, keg or cask
  • Reliable and accurate results in a few minutes
  • Independence from external labs – measurements performed on any day and at any time
  • Possibility to step in immediately in case of unexpected deviations in your production process

Designed for operation at any brewing location

  • Robust and compact instrument design, additionally protected by a rubber housing
  • Delivered in a handy transportation suitcase with space for all instruments and accessories; the instruments are ready to be carried to and unpacked at any location within your brewery
  • Intuitive operation and easy handling
  • Minimal sample volume required for analysis
  • Portable and battery-operated instruments for maximum flexibility regarding the measuring location
  • Sample identification and storage of results, as well as the option of printing or exporting results to a PC stand for perfect traceability and documentation

More love for your beer

  • Consistent monitoring of the beer quality from the wort kettle to the bottle
  • For accurate labeling of your products
  • For topping off the taste and shelf life stability of your brews

Technical specifications



Craft2Craft Case CO2|Extract
Craft2Craft Case CO2|O2|Extract
Craft2Craft Case O2|Extract
  • DMA™ 35 Portable Density Meter + Rubber Housing
  • OxyQC O2 Meter
  • Craft2Craft Case
Craft2Craft Case CO2|Extract|Alcohol
Craft2Craft Case CO2|O2|Extract|Alcohol
Craft2Craft Case O2|Extract|Alcohol
  • DMA™ 35 Portable Density Meter + Rubber Housing
  • OxyQC O2 Meter
  • Alex 500 Alcohol and Extract Meter
  • Craft2Craft Case



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  • Protection for your investment throughout its lifecycle
  • 3-year warranty
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