Exploring nanostructured materials for energy conversion and storage by SAXS – joining the (energy) revolution

Storing and converting energy from one form (e. g., sun light) to another form (e. g., electrical energy) is one if the key challenges of our times. Nanostructured materials and interfaces play a major role in this energy revolution. For example, in organic solar cells understanding the phase separation between the donor and the acceptor material crucial in optimizing the efficiency of such devices. Next generation batteries also base on the formation or changes of nanostructured species during the electrochemical processes involved while charging and discharging. By Learn how SAXS can help in designing and understanding next-generation devices for such applications.


The webinar content will be:

  • Short introduction to the topic
  • Application example of GISAXS measurements on solar devices
  • Application examples of SAXS measurements on battery materials using  a newly designed electrochemical cell


Target group:

  • Anyone working on materials for the conversion and storage of energy materials
  • Anyone interested in the characterization of nanostructured materials
Dr. Andreas Keilbach (English)
Andreas Keilbach

Dr. Andreas Keilbach obtained his PhD in Physical Chemistry from the University of Munich, with a focus in porous materials. After his PhD studies, he joined Anton Paar in April 2011 and is currently part product manager for small-angle X-ray scattering at Anton Paar GmbH.

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