Improve Digestion Quality and Save Money – Microwave Digestion rules out Open Digestion

Reliable elemental analysis results need robust sample preparation to destroy sample matrices or to separate matrix from analytes. The sample preparation step is by far the most error-prone and critical step of the analytical procedure.

Convincing Advantages of Microwave Digestion with Closed Vessels

Speeds up the Analytical Workflow

  • The reaction mixture can reach temperatures far above the boiling point of the acid composition
  • 10°C temperature increase means 2-fold reaction acceleration (Arrhenius Law - means halving the time)
  • Optimizes the preparation - analysis sequence for higher capacity utilization

Saves Money and protects the Environment

  • Needs less reagent quantities
  • Runs unattended
  • Fastest heating, fastest process times

Ensures high Reproducibility, Accuracy and Traceability

  • No contaminations and analyte-loss
  • Reaction parameters are controlled and documented
  • Sophisticated vessel technology for any requirement

Protects the People

  • No exposure to undesirable or dangerous acid fumes
  • Full protection of the operator and surroundings

  • Active and passive safety features

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Good to know

Anton Paar offers two Microwave reaction Systems:

Depending on your needs we have the right solution for you.